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The US has nearly 2,400
colleges & universities

Let’s face it. Preparing for and applying to college is a multi-year endeavor.

At College in 3-2-1, we offer college admissions counseling to take the pressure off of high school students and parents trying to navigate the constantly changing college admissions environment.

Here is a short list of the more recent considerations we discuss with clients:

  • Falling college admissions rates
  • An increasing number of students waitlisted at colleges
  • Changing college test-optional policies
  • Uncertainty: How many college applications to submit?
  • When to submit “optional” college application materials
  • Student challenges associated with COVID 
  • High school course planning – what’s right?
  • Cost of college: maximizing the Return on Investment (ROI)

Putting the plan into action, one application at a time

Applying to college is one BIG project. Fortunately, we are experts at college admissions AND project management so we’ve got the knowledge and tools to manage application requirements, hit deadlines, and time it so students are not overwhelmed or rushed. Each comprehensive package student also has an online portal to manage the applications and communicate with their counselor. We provide specific advice on this and much more:

  • Which college application deadline to use
  • Which colleges track demonstrated interest and how to show it
  • Whether or not to apply to college test optional
  • The Common App essay from idea generation to final draft
  • Supplemental essays and application materials
  • College financial-aid considerations

Get ready in 3-2-1!

The transformation in the student’s junior year is remarkable with this program. We start the junior year as a family investigating college options, and end the year with independent young adults ready to self-advocate and take on the college admissions process with the counselor and parents in a supporting role. We provide:

  • A detailed timeline/plan for junior and senior year application related activities
  • In-depth discussions about factors that are important when selecting a college
  • Advising on a standardized test plan based on the student’s goals
  • A customly curated prospective college list report with detailed stats on each college and an outline of the potential majors and programs for each college
  • Preparation of college application supplemental materials such as activities lists and resumes to minimize time pressures later.

Self-exploration & career research

Creating a stand-out college application start early in high school. We introduce the world of college admissions, what colleges are looking for in an applicant and the latest trends. Additional emphasis is placed on self-exploration. The best college applicants demonstrate that they have developed a self-identity. We help students create a path to self awareness.

  • Personality and skill assessments
  • Career exploration
  • High school course advising
  • Extra-curricular activities discussions
  • Summer enrichment and other opportunities to learn more about themselves and who they want to become.

Learning, exploring & planning

The 6th-9th grade services are primarily for parents. We know parents have lots of questions about college admissions, and we are here to get the family on the right track.

6-8th grade - Annual meetings for parents to answer questions, chart school course selection and discuss the student’s interests and activities and how to foster exploration in middle school.

9th grade - Student introduction on what’s important on the pathway to college and career.

Middle school course and grade review and planning a tentative 4-year core subject course plan.

Exploring student interests and summer enrichment opportunities

Dancers take center stage

When a dance mom does college counseling you get the perfect resource for your high school dancer!

We specialize in working with high school dancers as they explore their training, college and career options. Dancers explore different paths, and we are here to support them on their journey whether they want to pursue a BFA or BA in dance or participate in a college dance team.

We help students identify colleges that best fit their college and career goals and help them through the application and audition process.

To learn more, visit our Dance into College Website and be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get the latest information on service offerings.

“If it wasn’t for Kathy and her unbelievable knowledge, I truly do not know what we would have done.  The application essay was a huge concern for us because we knew how much emphasis is placed on the essay with the university’s decision.  Kathy worked with my son each week to develop his thoughts and skills in creative writing.  Kathy went above and beyond. We knew exactly who to turn to when our daughter started the college application process. There are really no words to express my gratitude and thankfulness.  I would highly recommend Kathy and all of her services on your college journey.”


– K. WEAVER, Parent, Kernersville, NC

Meet Kathy de Jong

Founder since 2017

Kathy de Jong is the President/Owner of College in 3-2-1 located in Clemmons, NC. College in 3-2-1 offers local services in Winston-Salem, High Point and Greensboro, NC and works with clients virtually throughout the United States.

Since 2017, Kathy has helped hundreds of student through the college application process, but her earlier career was in technology project management. As a certified Project Management Professional, Kathy researched options, organized teams, developed and communicated plans and executed projects. She brings these honed business skills to her college counseling practice.

Kathy’s interest in college admissions began with identifying the lack of preparation and guidance for her own step-son in a private school. With few options for assistance, she understood that if she didn’t do the research herself, her younger daughters would be at a disadvantage.

Her college admissions counseling expertise stems from years of research and education. Kathy received her Independent Educational Consultant Certificate from the University of California Irvine in 2018, and has spent thousands of hours educating herself on all things college admissions; approximately 25% of her work day is spent in research and education.


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