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Hi. I’m Kathy from College in 3-2-1

I learned the hard way how frustrating it is when your child is not adequately prepared for the college preparation process, even after going to a private school. After watching and consoling my step-son as rejection letters rolled in from his top-choices, I was determine to not let it happen to younger children, or anyone else I could help, again.

You could muddle through the college admissions process, but do you want to?

Our clients at College in 3-2-1 find that working with a college counselor saves families countless hours of research and work, and allows families to have more tension-free quality time together.

You’re probably hearing all kinds of tips and advice… it’s likely not accurate.

Testing strategies, early application benefits, college admission rates, essay do’s and don’ts, financial aid recommendations – you’ve probably heard it all, but with a constantly changing college admissions landscape, the correct answer may be different for each student.

For the parents

A college education should have value. At College in 3-2-1 we believe value equates to a quality education, at a college that will allow a student to thrive as a person and academically, while being financially attainable for the family without significant student debt.

For the students

All you need to do is trust the process we’ve created at College in 3-2-1. By following our prescribed steps and recommendations, you will have college acceptances!

College in 3-2-1/Dance into College was an absolute Godsend for our family! Kathy is smart, professional and extremely knowledgeable about all things dance and college related.  She gave our daughter straight-forward custom guidance, gently redirected her whenever necessary and pushed her to adhere to the recommended to-do list timeline.  She was the perfect “middle man” between parent and child. Having a third party at the helm of the ship was exactly what we needed to successfully manage the admissions process and ultimately help our daughter land at her first-choice college.

– Susan & nicholas tang, New York

About Me

It’s possible I bleed college colors…

Here’s the story of how we both arrived here:

I experienced the frustration of learning too late that my stepson was not adequately prepared for or coached through the college preparation process, despite going to a private high school. I could only watch and console as rejection letters rolled in from his top choice schools. Poor decisions made throughout high school, and inadequate school guidance, are a real possibility for every student. And there are very few “do-overs”.

I was determined not to let that happen again. I started educating myself in preparation for my daughter to enter high school. I was overwhelmed by the shear volume of information and steps required to successfully navigate the college admissions process, particularly when a student is interested in a selective to very selective college, but within a reasonable cost.

My Goal for Students at College in 3-2-1

My goal is to help students enjoy their high school years. Taking the guesswork out of the college admission process is key. I provide students with knowledge, a plan and encouragement so students can tackle their high school coursework and extracurriculars without that burden. 

I am a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, adhering to the code of ethics and participating in annual conferences to stay abreast of the latest in college admissions and meet college admissions officers.

More Recently…

Since College in 3-2-1 started in 2017, the college admissions process has become even more complicated and erratic with the growing roll of test-optional admissions, soaring application numbers and a significant decline in acceptances. I now work with younger students and families so they are prepared and can make informed decisions throughout high school. 

With the expanded use of online tools such as Zoom, I am able to assist student throughout the United States. I have visited colleges from California to Maine, taking in the school’s culture, local attractions and college facilities. These insights are shared with students to bring more color and perspective than from can be gleaned from a website.

We also work with dancers

In 2020, I expanded my college admission practice to “officially” serve a unique group of students: dancers. However, serving this community was not new. With two daughters growing up as competitive dancers in a large studio, many of my’s initial clients were dancers. I understand the unique talents, skills, attributes and challenges of dancers and has developed a program “Dance into College” to guide dancer’s through the process whether they want to become professional dancers or pursue other academic interests and careers.


Independent Educational Consultants Association Kathy deJong College in 3-2-1
Independent Educational Consultants Association Kathy deJong College in 3-2-1

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