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begins sophomore year

Early College Admission Counseling for Sophomores

During Sophomore Year, we help students start the self-discovery process of who they want to be and how they want high school to go, and introduce them to the college application process so they feel confident and in control.

Our Sophomore “Getting Started” Package

Knowledge. Self-Discovery. Planning. 

Sophomore year students and parents learn the in’s and out’s of college admissions today including the most important factors in college application reviews. We offer students personality and skills assessments through AchieveWorks to help them discover their strengths and match them up to potential careers and majors. We start building the student’s application “story” by examining high school course selection, testing, and extra-curricular activities. Best of all, parents have a resource to get their questions answered by a professional.

meeting 1

Introductory Meeting

An introductory meeting with the student and parents to review questionnaire results and to have an in-depth discussion about student/parent desires and objectives as a student approaches decisions about college. The goal is to ensure parent(s) and the student understands each other’s position and to gain consensus on the approach before college decisions have to be made. This reduces stress and anxiety, improves family dynamics during
the college admissions process, and allows for a more productive college counseling experience.

meetings 2-4

Strategy Meetings 

Each of the three additional counseling meetings (approx 1-1.25 hours) take place with the student/parent(s) which include instruction and guidance on steps for the sophomore year and to assess progress toward goals.

Topics may include:
○ Evaluation and discussion of academic results, testing, and extra-curricular activities
○ 10th-12th grade course discussions and planning
○ A high-level roadmap of college prep activities from Sophomore to Senior year
○ Career mentoring/advising and college major exploration
○ Activities that help the student hone in on an area of academic interest and enhance a
student’s “resume”
○ Standardized test prep information, advising, and schedule guidance
○ Paying for college and financial aid basics and access to our Scholarship 101 video.

3-Year Comprehensive Package

Ready to secure advising and application support through to the big day your child commits to a college? This package includes everything in the Sophomore “Getting Started” package AND the Junior/Senior Comprehensive package.

Benefits of a 3-Year Comprehensive Package:

  • Families gain piece of mind knowing there is a trusted resource guiding them every step of the way. 
  • Secure a spot early in the process. We have limited space for new Junior or Senior Comprehensive students.
  • Discounted pricing and no price increases.



Dancer 3-Year Comprehensive Package

Visit our Dance into College website for more details.


The number of sophomores we can accept each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you help students identify potential careers and areas of study in college?

Some students have had a future career identified for years, but have never really explored what type of education is required to complete a major for that field. When a kid tells me they want to be an engineer yet they hate math or just don’t excel at it – we’ve got a problem! Through online assessments and lots of discussion, we help students identify potential careers that suit their academic strengths and personal interests. Then we look for potential areas of study in college.Through this program, sophomores are given information and direction for research, exploration and discovery.

What’s one thing sophomores can do to help them later on in the college application process?

Improve their writing skills. With standardized testing becoming less of a factor in college admissions, the college essay has increasing importance at many colleges and universities. By focusing on writing and English skills in 10th-grade, it also better prepares them for the SAT or ACT in 11th grade.

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